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Social media reactions to UK beating Monmouth & Louisville losing Jeff Brohm

A special dual reactions post on this Wednesday night.

On a special edition of social media reactions, we had a double-whammy of Kentucky vs Monmouth and the Louisville fanbase having their collective hearts broken by not getting Purdue head coach and former UofL player and Louisville native, Jeff Brohm.

First up, Kentucky vs Monmouth: The Wildcats played their best game of the season defensively, allowing only 44 points to Monmouth. Granted, Monmouth came in with an 0-7 record, but Kentucky showed tremendous effort on the defensive side of the ball.

Tyler Herro led the Wildcats with 16 points and showed his ability to hit the three ball and also showed off his defensive prowess as well with five steals on the night.

Kentucky will need more defensive nights like this for the rest of the season and that starts with a very good and very talented UNC-Greensboro team coming to Lexington on Saturday.

Here’s what social media had to say about the Wildcats finally dominating a game and looking good while doing it:

And now to drink the tears of the Louisville fan-base:

Now for the fun stuff:

*this one is my favorite because they call Brohm a 6/10 even though they desperately wanted him*

*No, the Louisville job is a dumpster fire right now*

I hope you all have enjoyed laughing at Louisville and their misery with me.