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Benny Snell opens up about NFL Draft and bowl plans

Snell is still having a blast in college as NFL questions linger.

CMH Photography

With the regular season now over, Benny Snell will soon have to make an NFL Draft decision.

Until then, Snell is just soaking up Saturday’s destruction of Louisville, as college life is exactly what he wants right now, despite the expectation he’ll leave for the pros.

“That’s big. A lot of people talk to me about, it’s time to get your money, it’s time to do this and that. Listen. I’m 20 years old, dog. I play Fortnite, Call of Duty. I’m not a kid but I’m still having fun right now. I don’t really want to think about that right now, but it’s a decision I’m going to have to face eventually.”

Snell also plans on playing in the bowl game, despite the trend of NFL-hopeful running backs sitting out of their bowl games.

“As of now, I’m playing in the bowl game. I’m not done yet. To add on to this, it’s not really important, but I keep it in my mind. The all-time rushing record, I got 100 tonight, so I need 100 more, and the bowl game would help me with that.”

Snell is so close to becoming Kentucky’s all-time leading rusher, there’s really no question he is going to play in whatever bowl that Kentucky plays in.