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Benny Snell wrote a piece about Kentucky’s rise for the Players’ Tribune

Snell Yeah!

Snell Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

I’m sure that by now nearly all Kentucky fans are very familiar with the phrase “Snell Yeah”, which is Benny Snell’s catchphrase.

But with the Kentucky Football program now in the top ten of the College Football Playoff rankings, their star running back wants to make sure that not only the Big Blue Nation knows about it but the rest of the country as well!.

Snell recently wrote a piece for the Players’ Tribune in which he explained what the slogan meant and how it represents the journey he’s been on, as well as, the journey of the Kentucky Football team as a whole.

Many of us have heard the story of how a lot of big name programs, mostly Ohio State University, had passed on Snell, which in the end is what brought him here to Kentucky. It’s a lot different though reading the story when it was put into Snell’s own words about the whole situation, it is honestly pretty moving. Benny says that, at the end of the day, he’s glad that happened, because here at Kentucky, he’s helping to build a legacy (and he’s not wrong).

Here are a couple of Snell’s quotes from the article he wrote:

“I want Kentucky to be known as a basketball Mecca and a football powerhouse.”

“I mean, this is why I came to Kentucky!”

“And that’s where our football program is headed right now, too. Believe me.”

“We’re building something special here, and I can truly see this thing bubbling up over the next few years to the point where everyone will look up at one point and be like, Hmm, wow, Kentucky football has it going on right now. When did that happen? Where did that come from?”

“So, you know, if you find yourself saying that at some point down the line, just please remember back to this article … and me telling you that this, right now, what you’re seeing on the field from us this season, is where it all started. This, I’m telling you, is where that came from.”

That is only scratching the surface of the entire article, which you can find here.

Benny goes on to send out a request for everyone that can make sure that they are at Kroger Field this Saturday at 3:30 to support him and this team in their chances on possibly beating the Georgia Bulldogs and winning the SEC East to face either LSU or Alabama in the SEC Championship game.