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Where Kentucky stands in new College Football Playoff Rankings

Kentucky’s two-game losing streak is proving costly.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

The latest College Football Playoff rankings are out, and as expected, the Kentucky Wildcats took a hit.

Following a loss to unranked Tennessee, Kentucky has dropped down to the No. 17 spot.

What makes this even more notable is that the No. 13 Florida Gators are now ahead of Kentucky. That means Florida will be ahead of Kentucky in terms of the selections for New Year’s Six bowl games.

Had Kentucky won out, they may have made the Fiesta Bowl, but now that Florida is ahead of them, they’ll get that chance if they win out and remain ahead of Kentucky.

It’s also going to be hard for Kentucky to move up, even if they win out, as that would only feature a win over a Conference USA Team in Middle Tennessee and a currently 2-8 Louisville team. Kentucky will have to hope for some upsets to move up the rankings before the bowl selections are made.

CFP Rankings Week 12

  1. Alabama, 10-0
  2. Clemson, 10-0
  3. Notre Dame, 10-0
  4. Michigan, 9-1
  5. Georgia, 9-1
  6. Oklahoma, 9-1
  7. LSU, 8-2
  8. Washington State, 9-1
  9. West Virginia, 8-1
  10. Ohio State, 9-1
  11. UCF, 9-0
  12. Syracuse, 8-2
  13. Florida, 7-3
  14. Penn State, 7-3
  15. Texas, 7-3
  16. Iowa State, 6-3
  17. Kentucky, 7-3
  18. Washington, 7-3
  19. Utah, 7-3
  20. Boston College, 7-3
  21. Mississippi State, 6-4
  22. Northwestern, 6-4
  23. Utah State, 9-1
  24. Cincinnati, 9-1
  25. Boise State, 8-2