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Sunday Quickies: Offensive Ineptitude Edition

The Cats implode and all of a sudden that special season has a blemish.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

The football team is in trouble.

The Kentucky Wildcats fell 24-7 to the Tennessee Volunteers yesterday in Knoxville. Ever since the first half against the South Carolina Gamecocks where Kentucky reeled off 21 points, the UK offense has gone completely stagnant.

The offense is unimaginative despite the plethora of weapons at Eddie Gran’s disposal. Kentucky is headed in the wrong direction. With two games left on the schedule, people are questioning whether or not what could be a special season is in jeopardy of being derailed.

Kentucky is more talented that Middle Tennessee State and the Louisville Cardinals are absolute trash, but if the Cats continue to play offense the way they have since the beginning of October, then they will have squandered a grand opportunity.

Tweets of the Day

The next game isn’t some pushover. Especially with the lack of scoring on Kentucky’s end.

Jacob Tamme keeping it real.

This hit checks all of the boxes for the targeting rule yet the official overturned it in a matter of seconds. Not the reason UK lost but that was about as poorly officiated game as I’ve seen all season.


UK football hype goes sideways in loss | Cats Pause- The Vols aren’t good. They were ranked 118th in offense and were able to gain 400 yards against Kentucky. They rushed for 20 yards against Charlotte but rushed for over 200 against Kentucky. This was an all systems failure. Boy, things really turned quickly.

Back to the future for Cats | Saturdays Down South- It’s 1984 all over again as Kentucky looked like the old Kentucky that gets romped by Tennessee. And they had no business getting romped by Tennessee because that team is trash.

Georgia hangover looms as Cats lose | WDRB- The one thing we all said last week leading up to this game was, “They can’t let the Georgia Bulldogs beat them twice.” Well they did.

Benny Snell criticizes team | Saturdays Down South- Benny Snell is extremely frustrated and he let those frustrations come out after an anemic offensive showcase.

“I don’t want to say it’s not serious,” he said, “but I feel like on the team, there’s not guys that have that dog mentality, that want it, that are hungry. It was obvious that Tennessee wanted it more than Kentucky, so that’s why the outcome was what it was. We got to eliminate those guys that don’t got that hunger. Or, if you don’t have it anymore, we don’t need you.”

I love Benny but I disagree to some extent. I understand that he sees things from a different vantage point than I do, but what I see is coaches not putting players in positions to succeed.

On that note, the offensive line looked like they were lost in the woods. A truly awful performance. Maybe that’s who Benny was talking about.

Entire teams penalized for second straight season | SB Nation- Last season the officials flagged both UT and UK for unsportsmanlike penalties. Both teams. All of the players. Well, they did it again last night as tempers flared. Kentucky has a bad habit of taking junk when they’re getting their asses kicked.

Men’s soccer faces Charlotte for CUSA tourney title | UK Athletics- The Cats already have the regular season championship and now they have the chance to win another conference title.

Kentucky football big losers | CBS- This about sums it up: “Weren’t the Wildcats just playing for the SEC East crown a week ago in the biggest game that program has seen in a good long while? For Kentucky, a 10-win season is still possible. But wow, what a face plant.”

Kentucky plummets in ESPN Power Rankings | ESPN- I think their fall is more than just the “November blahs”. Mark Stoops’ continues to have issues in the second half of the season. Something’s gotta change.

76ers discuss Jimmy Butler trade | Sporting News- Jimmy Butler isn’t a guy that improves locker rooms. In fact, he wrecks them. Ask Karl-Anthony Towns and the Minnesota Timberwolves. the Sixers are full of personality and I’m not sold Butler is going to fit in as much as they think he will. He’s a lot better in his own mind than in reality. Can he get along with Joel Embiid after he question KAT taking the game seriously?