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Box Score, Game MVP, and 4 more thoughts from Kentucky’s loss to Tennessee

Is it time for Terry Wilson to take a seat?

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats looked atrocious out of the gate against a Tennessee team that they should not be losing to, and yet, the Vols made it look east en route to a 24-7 win.

After mustering up one yard in the second quarter and failing to score in the first half, Kentucky’s offense finally started moving the ball a little better, but it wasn’t enough to mount a comeback as the Vols rolled to a 24-7 victory.

Now, the Cats will have to figure something out on offense, because Middle Tennessee State (7-3) is not a cupcake team coming into Kroger Field next week.

Box Score

Game MVP

The offense has been unbelievably bad since the second half of the South Carolina game and seemed even worse in this one mounting only one touchdown is an embarrassing loss to Tennessee.

So, the MVP is going to the Kentucky defense even though they didn’t have their best performance of the season either.

However, in the last 25 minutes of the game the defensive unit didn’t allow Tennessee to score another TD, forced two fumbles, and gave the Cats every chance to get back into the game, except the offense could not move the football.

Even so, this is one of the best defenses the University of Kentucky has ever had. They deserve to be commended and praised, even in the midst of a gutwrencher like this.

Thoughts on the game

The offense has major issues

Remember when Kentucky dominated Mississippi State and South Carolina? Seems like that was a century ago yet it was this season.

The Kentucky offense has been atrocious for a while now and it isn’t getting better. They’ve essentially been shut out of the end zone in the last two games when it mattered most. They didn’t score a touchdown until after they were down 28-3 against Georgia. Today, it wasn’t until they were down 24-0. It’s safe to think they may have never reached the end zone if either of these games stayed within striking distance.

I don’t think I am alone in thinking it is time to make a change at offensive coordinator.

What happened to the offensive line?

Early in the year, the Cats’ offensive line was dominating their opponents and it was allowing Benny to run all over teams.

However, in recent weeks the line has been getting destroyed and Kentucky’s run game has been non-existent and when Terry Wilson drops to pass, he is constantly under pressure.

Maybe the line is losing confidence in the offense as a whole. They had been playing fine as the play-calling and QB play went into a tailspin as the season went on.

One thing is clear: The whole offense is a mess now, and Eddie Gran needs to answer for it.

Time to sit Wilson?

Look, the offense is bad right now, and Terry Wilson is part of it, but he’s far from the only reason. Saying this, it’s time to sit him for a game, if for no other reason than to let him get healthy. He was clearly banged up and in pain throughout this game, and you have to wonder if the season has wore on his body to the point he can’t be effective for four quarters anymore.

Kentucky needs to see what Gunnar Hoak and Danny Clark can do next week vs. Middle Tennessee, then maybe bring Wilson back vs. Louisville. He just can’t keep going like this, and Kentucky’s offense has to find a spark somewhere.

Worst week...ever?

Between losing the SEC East to Georgia, the Duke debacle, Friday’s ugly win over SIU, and today’s disaster in Knoxville, this will rank pretty high up there for work weeks ever in UK Athletics history. Thank goodness the volleyball team is kicking tail. That’s about the only thing good UK has going for it right now.

Thankfully, the basketball season has only begun, and there’s three more football games if you count the bowl. Hopefully, a strong finish helps ease the pain UK fans have thoroughly suffered this week.