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Nebraska radio host suggests UK played dirty for Wandale Robinson; Vince Marrow responds

Come at the Big Dog, you best not miss.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue


Vince Marrow, who used to work at Nebraska before joining Mark Stoops’ staff, clearly got win about what was said about him...

Mic, dropped.

College basketball has been embroiled in controversy over the past year with pay-for-play scandals and FBI investigations. While the Kentucky Wildcats have avoided the headlines surrounding the corruption in college basketball, one Nebraska radio personality is suggesting that Kentucky didn’t play by the rules during their recruitment of of four-star running back Wandale Robinson.

Jim Rose, formerly the play-by-play announcer for Nebraska football and known as “the voice of the Huskers”, seemed to suggest on a radio broadcast that Kentucky’s recruiting coordinator, Vince Marrow was offering more than just room and board and the opportunity to play for the Kentucky football team.

Here’s an excerpt of what Rose said:

“Kentucky assistant Vince Marrow, perhaps accompanied by a few ‘special friends’ of Kentucky athletics, hung with the Robinsons. When the meeting adjourned, one of them placed a call to (Scott) Frost. He was presented with the minutes of the last meeting and was asked ‘is Nebraska still interested?’ Scott had no idea who the guy was, how he knows Wandale Robinson or even how he go Frost’s number. The call didn’t last long. There’s a good chance Wandale Robinson will never again speak to the Nebraska coach.”

Now, we’ve yet to hear a whisper of any impropriety regarding Mark Stoops, Vince Marrow, or anyone in the Kentucky Football program during their tenure. This is likely much ado about nothing and just some sour grapes from some Nebraska radio personality who’s upset that Kentucky landed Robinson.

Right after this interview came out, Marrow sent out this tweet, which may have been a response to those accusations (or just a simple coincidence).

Robinson had offers from other top schools like Alabama, Michigan, and Ohio State and none of them are crying foul. Kentucky’s success this season and their swagger that’s come with it, is likely a big reason that the Cats are making some headway on the recruiting trail.

Let the salty remain just that. Kentucky’s success is speaking for itself.

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