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PJ Washington has perfect response to comment that Kentucky has “no star”

This is quite the hot take.

PJ Washington Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats are about to begin what hopes to be a special season in Lexington.

Thanks to bringing in the No. 2 recruiting class to go with three returning starters from last year and a graduate transfer in Reid Travis, Kentucky is ranked No. 2 in both maor preseason polls. Many experts think this team will not only make it to the Final Four in Minneapolis but also win the school’s ninth national championship.

For any school to accomplish this, they need to have at least one star player who can carry the team for stretches and make clutch plays in close games. It’s unclear who Kentucky’s go-to guy will be, but with guys like PJ Washington, Reid Travis, Keldon Johnson, Tyler Herro and Nick Richards, it’s very hard to see this team not having at least one star player this year.

Don’t tell Bleacher Report that. They believe Kentucky’s biggest flaw is that they don’t have a clear-cut star player.

Here’s the mistake Bleacher Report made: Just because you don’t know who a team’s star is doesn’t mean they don’t have one. There are nine former five-star recruits on this roster, and any one of them could rise up and become a star, whether it be for a whole season or just a stretch of games.

PJ Washington seems to agree.

I’ll take Kentucky’s supposed ‘flaw’ over the rest of college basketball this season. This is going to be a fun year that begins Tuesday against the Duke Blue Devils and their ‘star’ players.