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Kentucky Pro Day Measurements and Testing Results

Reid Travis is actually a bodybuilder in his spare time.

UK Athletics

The Kentucky Wildcats held their NBA Pro Day on Sunday, as teams from all 30 clubs were in attendance.

Now, the school has released the results from the various measurements and testing done at the event. There were some notable numbers to mention, one of which is Quade Green’s body fat, which is down from 10.3 percent in 2017 to now being 9.45 percent. Green said a big emphasis this offseason was getting in better shape, and the numbers say he’s made progress there.

Speaking of getting chiseled, Reid Travis has just 6.44-percent body fat, despite being 6-8 and weighing 238 pounds. That’s the best mark on the team and only begins to show just how hard Travis works to be the best can be, or at least have the biggest arms imaginable.

Another notable number was the 36.5-inch vertical leap Nick Richards had at 7-foot tall and 244 pounds. That’s an impressive mark for a man as big as Richards, and we saw glimpses of that in the Bahamas as he threw down some highlight-reel lob dunks to go with some amazing blocks he really had to get up for.

If you’re inclined, you can go here to see the measurements and results from last year’s pro day to compare for returning guys like PJ Washington, Green and Richards.

2018 Kentucky Pro Day Measurements & Testing

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