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NCAA nixed Kentucky vs. Notre Dame charity exhibition game

The NCAA remains the absolute worst.

USA Today Sports

Last year, many college programs around the nation held charity exhibition games to raise money for various causes.

By all accounts, it was a great success, as millions of dollars were raised to help various people and causes in need. Most of the games weren’t your typical Division I school vs. a Division II/NAIA school that we usually see in the exhibition season, as we got treated to some quality matchups, including Missouri vs. Kansas.

We also saw the Kentucky Wildcats host Morehead State for a charity game, and it sounds like Kentucky was aiming for an even bigger matchup this time around.

According to Jeff Goodman, Kentucky was looking to play the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in a charity game this year, but it fell through due to the NCAA’s new rule prohibiting third exhibition games used for charity.

The NCAA continues to be the absolute worst on so many levels.