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Week 7 SEC Power Rankings

Big shakeups in the SEC following an upset-filled Saturday.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Texas A&M John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC is a fun conference to follow and it keeps getting better. Teams are beating up on each other and the best of the best are headed to the top of the power rankings.

The Florida Gators took down the 5th ranked LSU Tigers and Mississippi St. Bulldogs took down the 8th ranked Auburn Tigers showing what Kentucky did against those teams is even more impressive.

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide (6-0, 3-0)

Last Week- #1

Alabama continues to beat up on teams and this time it was Arkansas. Alabama’s defense took a step back as Arkansas was able to score on them as they put up 31. However, the Tide’s offense threw for 393 yards and racked up 65 points keeping them at number 1 with another blowout win.

Week 7: Vs Missouri 7:00 PM ESPN

#2 Georgia Bulldogs (6-0, 4-0)

Last Week- #3

The number two and three spots separated themselves this week and Georgia came out on top after another blowout win over Vanderbilt 41-13. LSU dropped their road game at Florida and now besides the powerhouse of Alabama, Georgia is the only other undefeated SEC team left.

Week 7: @LSU 3:30 CBS

#3 LSU Tigers (5-1, 2-1)

Last Week- #2

This week the Tigers had a tough loss on the road in a tough environment at Florida as they lost 27-19. After this week’s performance it will be interesting to see if LSU can get it together and continue this upward path or will they be on a downward fall the rest of the way?

Week 7: Vs Georgia 3:30 CBS

#4 Kentucky (5-1, 3-1)

Last Week- #4

Kentucky is off to one of the best starts in program history and was tasked with a very tough road game in one of the toughest places to play, College Station. The offensive struggles in this one proved to be the difference in a 20-14 overtime loss. However, this defense in legit and Kentucky is better than what we saw on the field this week.

While some will argue Kentucky should drop, can you put them below a Florida team they beat on the road? And then are we putting Texas A&M ahead of Florida? This was definitely the hardest ranking to make this week, but Kentucky deserves some leniency thanks to their win at Florida and then a home domination of a Mississippi State team that just beat o. 8 Auburn.

These rankings are ultimately a culmination of team’s seasons, so that’s why Kentucky still should be in the 4/5 range of any power rankings.

Week 7: Off

#5 Florida Gators (5-1, 3-1)

Last Week- #5

Florida remained 5th this week despite their 27-19 home win over LSU due to the fact that Kentucky went to Florida and beat them earlier this season. Florida is on the upward trend after back to back big wins in the SEC. However, Florida’s offense is still struggling at times, but their defense is making up for it.

Week 7: @Vanderbilt 12:00 PM ESPN

#6 Texas A&M Aggies (4-2, 2-1)

Last Week- #7

The Aggies defense was outstanding this week against the #13 ranked Wildcats as they pulled off the 20-14 overtime win. The offense however, did just enough to get the win despite the Kentucky defense doing more than enough to get the win. The Aggies only losses are to #1 Alabama and #2 Clemson. This team is on the upward trend.

Week 7: @South Carolina 3:30 PM SECN

#7 Mississippi State (4-2, 1-2)

Last Week- #8

After the way Mississippi State started the SEC play they couldn’t afford to drop another one this week. The Bulldogs took it to the 8th ranked Auburn Tigers and showed they still have some life. It will be interesting to see what this team does as their next two games are @LSU and a home game with Texas A&M.

Week 7: Off

#8 Auburn Tigers (4-2, 1-2)

Last Week- #6

Auburn was smacked in the face this week by Mississippi State and the offense looked abysmal. This Auburn squad is in for a long second half of the year unless they can figure out what the problem is on offense and get it rolling.

Week 7: Vs Tennessee 12:00 PM SECN

#9 South Carolina Gamecocks (4-2, 2-2)

Last Week- #10

Coming into this week many wondered if South Carolina had anything to offer after struggling to this point. Well, they stepped up in a torrential downpour and came away with a huge win over Missouri 37-35. It will be interesting to see what they do with the QB situation moving forward.

Week 7: Vs Texas A&M 3:30 PM SECN

#10 Missouri Tigers (3-2, 0-2)

Last Week- #9

The 37-35 loss to South Carolina this week stings for the Tigers as they drop an SEC game to an opponent many believed they were better than. However, unless this team starts beating SEC opponents, the outlook for this season is extremely grim.

Week 7: @Alabama 7:00 PM ESPN

#11 Ole Miss Rebels (4-2, 0-2)

Last Week- #12

Ole Miss did this week what they have always been capable of doing. Scoring a lot of points against a bad team. After the 70-21 blowout win over UL Monroe the Rebels face an Arkansas team that is looking worse every week and then a date with Auburn. Let’s see how they look over the next two weeks.

Week 7: @Arkansas 7:30 PM SECN

#12 Vanderbilt Commodores (3-3, 0-2)

Last Week- #11

Vanderbilt was at the mercy of a Georgia team that had its way with them in a 41-13 blowout loss. The Vanderbilt defense is struggling, and the offense doesn’t look much better. It doesn’t get any easier for them either as their next two game are Florida and @Kentucky.

Week 7: Vs Florida 12:00 PM ESPN

#13 Tennessee Volunteers (2-3, 0-2)

Last Week- #13

Good news for the Vols this week was they didn’t have a chance to lose being on their BYE week. It’s going to continue to be a long season for the Vols unless they have a drastic turnaround which is unlikely.

Week 7: @Auburn 12:00 PM SECN

#14 Arkansas Razorbacks (1-5, 0-3)

Last Week- #14

Arkansas didn’t have much of a chance to get a win this week as they had to face Alabama. One thing that should have this team looking up is the fact they put up 31 points on the number one team. The only problem is they gave up 65. One week the offense looks good and the next it’s the defense. They have yet to play a complete game all around.

Week 7: Vs Ole Miss 7:30 PM SECN