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James Wiseman and Vernon Carey plan to sign in fall; Carey eyes playing with Wiseman or Isaiah Stewart

Big news on the recruiting front for big men, and Memphis got caught cheating.

Courtside Films and USA Today

As you now should definitely know, Kentucky is in a pretty heavy recruiting fight with Penny Hardaway and the University of Memphis for 2019 big man James Wiseman.

Well, this past Thursday night, the Memphis Tigers held their “Memphis Madness,” and front and center for all the action was none other than James Wiseman himself.

We probably should have assumed that Hardaway and Memphis were going to do basically whatever it took to make sure that Wiseman was there that night to partake in the festivities.

There’s really nothing wrong with that, but there was an NCAA violation committed that night by the Tigers. They showed Wiseman on the jumbotron which then received a standing ovation and that my friends is a NCAA violation.

Honestly, it isn’t a serious violation for first-time offenders, but it will be something that they have to report to the NCAA and will probably come with a minor punishment. Also, this will not affect Wiseman’s eligibility whatsoever.

I’m sure Wiseman was impressed with all of this, but I believe that if Memphis is willing to commit these violations, even if they are minor, they they must really be afraid of the threat that Kentucky presents.

Here’s a look at the rule in question:

Now, let’s talk about the 2019 class a little bit. A while back, it was thought that Wiseman would wait until the spring to make his decision on where he would attend school.

Lately, however, the buzz is that he could make a decision this fall. After saying earlier this week that he ‘may’ decide in 2018, Wiseman confirmed to Evan Daniels that signing during the fall period is now the plan.

But Wiseman may not be the only elite big man deciding sooner than expected.

Vernon Carey Jr., a five-Star center from Ft. Lauderdale (FL), could end up signing this fall as well. Carey and Wiseman are the top two recruits in the nation for the class of 2019 according to and is it possible that Kentucky could land them both?

Well, Carey was asked what he thought about playing alongside another elite big man (possibly Wiseman), and he said that he not only liked the idea of it but he welcomed it and that he thinks that it will help the both of them.

“Some schools are selling me on playing with another elite big and some are focusing on me,” Carey told USA Today. “I think it’s more attractive to play with another big, actually. I think it would help both of us. I want to win and whatever gives us the best chance to do that is what I want to do.”

Carey said that he like the “twin towers” approach that Duke had last year with Marvin Bagley and Wendell Carter Jr., and that the same thing could work this year for Kentucky with Nick Richards, Reid Travis, EJ Montgomery, and PJ Washington.

Carey took an official visit with Michigan State back in February, and he will soon kick off his post summer official visit tour starting on October 12th when he comes to visit Kentucky; then take official visits to Duke, Miami, and North Carolina.

“After I take my officials, I’ll probably get my decision over with,” Carey said. “I should know by then. My goal is to sign during the Early Signing Period. If it’s with another big I think that’s great, but either way it’ll be what I feel is the best situation for me.”

Carey has talked with both Wiseman and Isaiah Stewart about playing alongside each other, and Kentucky is heavily recruiting both Wiseman and Stewart. so one could hope with a pledge from either of them could help Kentucky land Carey.

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