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Joel Justus appears to troll Memphis about Drake

Drake was a no-show for the Memphis Tigers’ midnight madness event.

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Famed rapper Drake has been a Kentucky supporter ever since John Calipari arrived in Lexington.

However, it appeared briefly like Drake may be starting to favor the Memphis Tigers and new head coach Penny Hardaway.

There were rumors running rampant that Drake — along with Justin Timberlake, was set to appear at the Tigers’ midnight madness event, which took place on Thursday.

However, neither showed up, leaving Memphis fans a little disappointed with what took place at Penny Hardaway’s first major event as head coach of the Tigers.

It was still a productive event that had an estimated 18,000 fans, but many of them were let down by not getting to see Drake or Timberlake.

Well, Kentucky assistant coach Joel Justus got wind of this, and he chimed in on Twitter this morning:

That is what the young folk call A+ trolling. The only thing that could make this better is if Drake makes an appearance at Big Blue Madness next week. Even if he doesn’t show up, he’s made video appearances at the event before, so perhaps he’ll do so again this time around.

After all, it wouldn’t have looked great if he went to Memphis’ midnight madness event this week then showed up at Kentucky next week.

As for Justus, he’s ready to get back to work and help his team produce results on the court, not hype off the court like Penny has been doing all year.

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