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Josh Allen and Benny Snell get NYC billboards

Why not Kentucky?

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Josh Allen and Benny Snell are getting new campaigns for getting their names mentioned nationwide; and that is spreading to the Big Apple.

Not to mention, the Heisman Trophy ceremony is at Radio City Music Hall, coincidentally located in New York City:

Snell has been in the Heisman discussion for much of the season, though that’s tapered off a bit after not having big games vs. Texas A&M and Missouri.

Meanwhile, Allen has been a force on defense all season, so much that it’s time for him to jump into the Heisman discussion.

With the SEC East running through Lexington this coming Saturday, all eyes will be on the Kentucky Wildcats to see if they can pull off one of the most improbable seasons in college football history.

Why not Kentucky?

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