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NFL Scout rips Kentucky’s offensive play-calling

It’s been a rough stretch for Eddie Gran to say the least.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Well, that’s harsh.

In an article posted on Saturday Down South about Saturday’s SEC games, an anonymous NFL scout told SDS’ Matt Hayes that Kentucky’s offensive play-calling was “terrible.”

The scout said some of the blame falls on QB Terry Wilson but that the play-calling has been terrible, especially with how well the Wildcats have been playing defensively.

It’s hard to argue with that since the offense has scored just 21 points over the last 10 quarters of play. They mustered up all of seven points at Texas A&M before the defense returned a fumble for a touchdown to tie the game at 14-all and send it into overtime.

It is worth noting that during those 10 quarters (plus overtime), Kentucky has attempted and missed three field goals, so the kicking woes have played a part in the lack of more points.

Here is the full quote.

“Clearly the quarterback is an issue,” the scout said. “But the play-calling is terrible. They’re too conservative. They’re not nearly as aggressive as they were early in the season. It’s like the quarterback who has a receiver wide open, no one around him for 10 yards, and the quarterback misses the throw because he doesn’t want to miss the throw. That’s what Kentucky looks like on offense now. They know their defense is holding the rope. But instead of getting after it, they’re just hanging on and trying to do the least amount of damage. That’s a recipe for disaster.”

Those are some strong words for Kentucky’s offense. Play-calling hasn’t been a major issue this year that fans have voiced their opinions on as it has been in previous years, with the exception of the Texas A&M game.

Hopefully, Kentucky turns their offense around this week against Vanderbilt. Things will have to change for Kentucky to defeat Missouri and have a chance against Georgia.

You can read the full Saturday Down South story here.