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Thursday Quickies: College Hoops Trials Edition

The three Adidas executives were found guilty

The first college basketball corruption trials wrapped up yesterday with all three defendants found guilty by the New York jury on wire fraud and conspiracy charges.

Going into deliberations, it was clear that NCAA violations were most likely committed but the question remained: did the prosecution present enough evidence to commit the jury that federal crimes were committed? The jury’s verdict makes that an obvious yes.

So what is next? Well, the defendants (Merl Code, James Gatto, and Christian Dawkins) can appeal, but we will see how that goes. However, the assistant coaches who are scheduled to go to trial next year could become more interested in taking a plea deal. Former Auburn assistant Chuck Person is scheduled to be in court in February and Tony Bland, Lamont Evans, and Book Richardson are expected to go to trial in April.

With yesterday’s verdict, they may be more apt to take a plea deal to avoid actual jail time or a very short sentence. A plea deal could also implicate other coaches as well, creating even more chaos in the college basketball scene. With the CBB season set to begin in the next few weeks, things could get really interesting from here on out as guys like Person, Bland, Evans, and Richardson have big decisions on their hands.

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