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Former Mizzou receiver throws major disrespect at Kentucky

Let’s hope Benny Snell does not see this

Missouri v Tennessee Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Kentucky Wildcats face a stiff test this week against the Missouri Tigers, who opened as a six-point favorite at home, despite being winless in SEC play and never winning vs. a ranked opponent under head coach Barry Odom.

There’s a first time for everything, however, and former Tigers receiver T.J. Moe thinks it’s a done deal that Missouri takes down Kentucky. Moe has been throwing some major disrespect at Kentucky in preparation for the big SEC East matchup this weekend:

Surely you’ve heard of T.J. Moe, right? You haven’t?

Well he played at Mizzou from 2009-2012, only playing one season in the SEC. Moe seems to think that Mizzou will be an easy game for the Tigers, seeing as he thinks they should not rush the field for beating 12th ranked Kentucky simply because it’s “Kentucky.”

However, talking trash about Kentucky has not worked out well for teams this season, as Central Michigan, Florida, and Mississippi State all did it, and they all took giant L’s.

Let’s just hope that Benny Snell doesn’t see Moe’s tweet. Actually, let’s hope he does see it. @Benny_Snell, go prove some more doubters wrong.