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Monday Quickies: Good News for Josh Paschal(?) Edition

Some potentially game changing news for the defense, Blue/White breakdowns, Bowl trajectory, and more!

Kentucky v South Carolina Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

Good morning Big Blue Nation! One of the big stories that goes with the success of the Kentucky Wildcats football team is the lights out defense. Imagine if that defense added another super talented player.

Joshua Paschal was sidelined in fall camp due to a malignant melanoma diagnosis for his foot. The treatments have been going well and he’s been cleared to run.

And he may be closer to a return than we all expected.

Now this could just be wishful thinking on the part of an optimistic teammate. But if it is true that we could see Paschal back on the field, then one of the best defenses in the country gets that much better.

Tweets of the day

The two stories from last night’s Blue/White game were the depth in the front court and Tyler Herro. Herro can score at any point on the floor and he continues to be much better than we all thought. John Calipari is going to have fun with this team.

Herro is going to have a high assist number because of the fact that defenders are going to have to leave their area to cover him. That’s good for the guys in the paint.


Blue/White game observations | Cats Pause- Kentucky is loaded at every position. If they aren’t the clear cut number one team in America than I am really missing something here.

John Calipari gives away two scholarships | Coach Cal continued his annual tradition of handing out scholarships to two lucky UK students.

Three takeaways from the Blue/White game | Sun Herald- John Calipari stated that he has 10 guys that can play. I highly doubt he plattoons like he did in 2015 but don’t be surprised if he checks in with a completely different unit in the second half of games.

Number 3 soccer routes New Mexico | UK Athletics- The men’s soccer team absolutely rolled the Lobos 6-1 as their magical season continues.

Kentucky football gains a commitment | Cats Pause- Offensive lineman Richie Leonard committed to the Kentucky Wildcats for the 2020 class. He’s a 6-4, 285 pound guard out of Florida.

Kentucky opens up as underdogs at Mizzou | Sports Chat Place- I’m not going to lie: this game scares the hell out of me. The lack of offensive production that Kentucky has recently shown does not bode well for the firepower that Drew Lock can unleash. Hopefully Kentucky’s D is up for the challenge.

Kentucky trending for New Year’s Day Bowl | ESPN- Either way, the Peach Bowl or the Citrus Bowl in early January sounds mighty good to me.

One thing about every SEC team | Saturday’s Down South- Kentucky doesn’t care if you know what they are going to do. Terry Wilson threw for only 18 yards while Benny Snell ran for 169 of them. Line up and stop them if you can.

Missouri’s Jontay Porter out with ACL tear | Rock M Nation- Bad news out of Missouri as Jontay Porter looks as if he is going to miss the entire season due to an ACL tear. Last year, Jontay’s brother, Michael Porter, Jr., missed almost the entire year with a back injury.

Patrick Mahomes blitzes the Bengals | CBS- Patrick Mahomes has turned into a spectacular QB. He put up 45 points on the Bengals last night in a complete demolition of the Bengals.

Rajon Rondo suspended for altercation with Chris Paul | ESPN- Chris Paul claimed that Rajon Rondo spit in his face and that is what prompted him to point the Lakers guard in the eye. But player interviews and video analysis puts some questions to that claim. Rondo got and Brandon Ingram got the brunt of the suspensions while Paul gets off rather lightly. Surprise, surprise.