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Kentucky Blue-White Scrimmage Game Thread and Rosters

The Kentucky Wildcats take on the Kentucky Wildcats!

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Jeremy Chisenhall - Sea of Blue

Kentucky Basketball is back!

Well, not officially official, but, we do get to see the team play today — against themselves!

They hype around this team has been growing ever since we saw them demolish professional teams in the Bahamas.

This year, the Cats are two deep at every position on the court, and each player brings something special with them.

Tonight, it’ll be fun to see how the team has progressed so far, what lineups Coach Cal pins against each other, and who takes control on either side.

The first game of the season is coming up quicker than you think, with the matchup against Duke happening on November 6th. It’s a very anticipated matchup that will pin what’s largely viewed as the two best teams in the country against each other.

Until, it’s time to enjoy the scrimmage!

Pregame reading

Here’s a look at the rosters for tonight:

Go Cats!