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The Aggies think stopping UK and Benny Snell shouldn’t be a problem

If you say so.


Over the course of the football season, the Kentucky Wildcats has definitely had their doubters, even starting in their Week 1 matchup with Central Michigan.

Every week after that, it seems as though there was someone disrespecting Kentucky, whether that was a player on the opposing team or even an analyst when it comes to predicting who’s going to win that particular week.

You had a Florida Gators player guaranteeing a win over Kentucky, and you saw how that played out. You had a player from Mississippi State reply to Benny Snell’s comment that he could run on any team in a tweet that just included laughing emojis.

Then just last week, you had Lou Holtz, former South Carolina coach and sports analyst, say that Kentucky had only beaten South Carolina once in the last 20 years (wrong) and predicted the Wildcats to lose that week (we all know how that went).

Well, this week, Kentucky has a good test on the road facing a good Texas A&M Aggies team. During the A&M media day where players spoke about the upcoming game, a couple of players were asked about Kentucky.

“I didn’t even know Kentucky was a top 15 team,” said wide receiver Camron Buckley.

No real harm there, though it does go to show that the Wildcats are still letting the rest of the nation know just who they are.

However, defensive end Kingsley Keke managed to let a little trash talk slip out.

“We do pretty well against the run, so that shouldn’t be a big deal for us, but they run the ball really well with Benny Snell so we’ll be ready to play,” said Keke.

A little trash talk never hurt anybody, but I love seeing people disrespect Kentucky, because they put a chip on their shoulder and feed off of it better than anyone right now. I look forward to seeing how Texas A&M puts this team to the test.