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Blue-White Game: Start time, TV channel, online stream, roster and 5 things to watch for

Fans will get another opportunity to get a glimpse of this team before the regular season begins in a few weeks

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practice Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Basketball will be officially back in session when Kentucky takes the court on Sunday evening for the annual Blue-White scrimmage.

The game is at 7 p.m. and will be televised on the SEC Network live from Rupp Arena. This event is always awesome because it allows the fans a chance to watch 10 UK players on the court at the same time for an entire 40 minutes.

From my point of view, it is one of the best choices you can make when debating as to which games you should attend in Rupp Arena. There will be opportunity to see more Wildcats in action during the scrimmage and it also doesn’t break the bank.

Last year, the attendance at the Blue-White game was announced as 15,530. With Rupp seating well over 20,000, it shouldn’t be very difficult to get a good seat, definitely a lot easier than the regular season.

As of Friday, there was still plenty of tickets available on TicketMaster. Below is a price breakdown.

  • Lower level side-line - $15
  • Lower level corner and end court - $10
  • Upper-Level - $5

5 things to watch for:


With this team’s depth, there are tons of potential starting line-ups. It will be interesting to see if John Calipari structures one of the teams to resemble a possible starting lineup, or if there will be any substantial takeaways from who plays well together, etc.

There is a chance that after the Blue-White scrimmage that a clearer picture of the rotation could start to emerge. I think about it often and for the life of me still cannot decide on what my starting five would be.

Who do you leave out? Who would be your starters? I guess you know what they say, it’s not about who starts but about who finishes. That’s why Coach Cal makes the big bucks!


We know Tyler Herro and Quade Green can shoot. What about everyone else? Is this a team that can shoot the opposition out of a zone, or are they vulnerable on the perimeter like last year?

After the Bahamas, it looks like this won’t be an issue, but it is still one of the bigger things to watch for this team Sunday, as well the as the two exhibition games before facing Duke. Guys like Keldon Johnson and Immanuel Quickley need to prove they can also hit threes consistently enough to punish teams for zoning this team.

Point guards

As of now, it won’t be a surprise if any one of Quade Green, Ashton Hagans or Immanuel Quickley are starting Game 1 at point guard. The good thing is all three have shown they can play off the ball and still make an impact, but when push comes to shove, who is John Calipari relying on to run this offense?

One would think it will be Green since he’s the veteran, but both Quickley and Hagans are making a strong push to win the job.

The good thing about the Blue-White Game is we’ll see all three running the show for their respective teams while getting to go against each other. That should help give Calipari a better idea of who will run the show against the Blue Devils.

Tyler Herro

Pretty much everyone in the Big Blue Nation is hype about seeing Tyler Herro play in a Kentucky jersey. So far, every moment of his Kentucky career he has given fans a reason to be excited.

Big Blue Madness was no different as Herro just missed winning the three point shooting contest and even threw on a Rex Chapman jersey during the dunk contest. There is just so much to love about Tyler Herro and he will be an important piece to the team this season.

I think part of me still wants to ask the question, is he really “this” good?

It sure does seem like it. The Blue-White game will provide another platform for Herro and others to show what they are about.

Will Coach Calipari stay chill?

Coach Cal will be letting the assistants do the coaching on Sunday evening. But if things get sloppy, will he be able to keep his distance?

My vote would be no. Hopefully, both squads bring it and Calipari is happy with what he sees. But there is always a chance for a coaching meltdown if sluggish play is persistent.

You can at least expect to hear from Cal on the broadcast. It should be a fun night in Rupp.

2018 Kentucky Basketball Blue-White Scrimmage

Date: Sunday, October 21

Start time: 7 p.m. ET

Location: Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY

TV Channel: SEC Network; DirecTV channel 611, Dish 408, U-Verse 607, Time Warner Cable 76/796 in Lexington, and FiOs 75/575.

Online Stream: Watch ESPN and fubu

Replay: ESPN+


What do you hope to see out of the team on Sunday?