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Defense attorney claims Bill Self and assistant wanted payments for recruit

The bombshell of all bombshells.

Ohio State v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

During the trial that took place in New York this week concerning the FBI’s investigation into college basketball, many concerning conversations have been shared implicating that major programs and coaches have been directly involved in pay for play schemes.

During closing arguments on Thursday, the most damning comment of the entire trial made a claim that could alter the future of one of the top programs in the nation: “Coach Self and Coach Townsend knew of and asked Adidas to make this payment to Fenny.”

Michael Schacter, attorney of Adidas executive Jim Gatto, says that Self directly requested payment to recruit Silvio De Sousa in order to secure his commitment to Kansas.

Making matters worse for Kansas is TJ Gassnola, a former Adidas consultant, testified in federal court recently that he paid $90,000 to former Kansas Jayhawks player Billy Preston’s mother, and $20,000 to De Sousa’s guardian.

Kansas’ name has been simmering on the surface of this story for months after the name of Silvio De Sousa emerged a few weeks ago, and his eligibility was immediately brought into question.

But if Self was directly involved, the NCAA will have no choice but to throw the book at the Jayhawks. That hammer could dropper sooner rather than later, and perhaps the university will take its own actions upon hearing the news.

It looks like the trial is about wrapped up, so this is probably the final bombshell to drop, but what a bombshell it was. It’s getting harder and harder to see Self survive this.