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Former Louisville interim president is a secret agent for UK

All the evidence is there.

The wild “UK secret agents are bringing down UofL” conspiracy theories have begun.

In a recent Courier Journal article, Lucas Aulbach asks, “is Greg Postel a sleeper agent for Big Blue Nation?”

Greg Postel is the former interim president of the University of Louisville. After an FBI investigation (shocker) led to the departure of the former health affairs head, David Dunn, Postel became Louisville’s interim executive vice president of health affairs in December 2015. He then was named the interim president after the departure of president James Ramsey in January 2017.

Postel is most infamously known for his firings of both University of Louisville head men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino and athletics director Tom Jurich.

Well, Postel’s home is currently up for sale and this is one of the many photos from the inside of his house.

As you can see on the right side of the picture, there is a big “UK” logo written on the wall. It appears it’s a wall Postel’s kids would be writing on.

While the article begins to point towards the likelihood that one of Postel’s kids doodled it up there, that seemingly wasn’t a sufficient answer.

“You heard those conspiracy theories about him doing the bidding of a Louisville board of trustees that was packed with UK graduates who were secretly out to bring down the Cardinals, right?”, Aulbach wrote. “Hey, I thought they were crazy too, don’t feel bad.”

The truth is out. Greg Postel conspired with a big group of UK graduates to bring down the University of Louisville.

Aulbach explains that one time Postel admitted that he didn’t know which years the Cardinals won their first (only) two national titles. That screams UofL takedown conspiracy.

Next, he posits that Postel never got along with Tom Jurich, whom he describes as “a highly popular these parts.”

Yes, the same Tom Jurich that let Rick Pitino continue as head basketball coach after 3 (!) notorious scandals. The same Tom Jurich that re-hired Bobby Petrino after he left the Louisville football program in the middle of the night, only to leave another football team in the middle of the night. All this before he wrecked his motorcycle with his intern-turned-girlfriend riding on the back that led to his departure from Arkansa.

But that’s not all. Postel also brought back Chuck Smrt, an NCAA compliance consultant who was a key figure in the basketball program’s decision to self-impose a postseason ban in 2016, to help with Louisville’s internal investigation into the FBI allegations.

“The signs were there the whole time!”

Postel has since been relieved of duty as interim president and, to Louisville fans’ liking, turned over the reins to a president who does not appear to bleed blue.

Oh, and we can’t forget about Postel’s wife, a UK grad as well:

There you have it folks. Sleeper agent Greg Postel: Slayer of corruption and Louisville Cardinals. Definitely a UK guy.