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Kansas’ shady recruitment of Zion Williamson brought up in corruption trial

One more bombshell drops from the college basketball corruption trial, as payments between Zion Williamson and Kansas were discussed.


Remember when the Kentucky Wildcats really wanted Zion Williamson?

Maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t land in Lexington after all.

As the college basketball corruption trial wraps up, Williamson has been brought up in relation to potential illegal recruiting tactics that the Kansas Jayhawks were involved in.

Be sure to read the full thread from Wetzel.

Also, this isn’t the only shady thing Kansas did in the recruitment of Williamson, who ultimately ended up at Duke.

Considering this trial has already presented some unfavorable testimony for Kansas, this latest revelation isn’t going to help their cause.

This also is a bad news for Williamson, who probably is going to hear from the NCAA about this.

The irony of this is Coach K just publicly stated he doesn’t know anything about the illegal recruiting underworld in college basketball...

Make no mistake about it: Zion Williamson will be one of the best players in college basketball if eligible, but with this latest revelation, there’s no longer a 100-percent guarantee that happens.

But it’s Duke, so it’s still in the 99.9-percent range, at least for Game 1 vs. Kentucky. I doubt anything happens to Williamson, but the evidence that Kansas is playing dirty continues to mount.

It’s hard to see anything drastic happening before the new season since it begins in three weeks, but Kansas is going to have a tough time sweeping all of this under the rug. Until they take serious action, it’s hard to see Bill Self getting into any real trouble, but his program is now firmly under the microscope, and there’s no telling if any more revelations could come out.

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