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Friday Quickies: Big Blue Madness Edition

Tonight is the kickoff of the Kentucky Basketball season

Big blue Madness USA Today

Big Blue Madness is tonight, and as always, it is setting up to be a big night for the Kentucky Wildcats Basketball program and for the fans of the Big Blue Nation.

Madness serves as the kickoff to the basketball season. There are the theatrics of it, the player intros, Matthew Mitchell dancing, the recruits in the audience, special guests, and then the actual scrimmages.

Unlike most years, Big Blue Madness will not serve as the first chance for fans to get a glimpse of this year’s squad, thanks to the summer Bahamas Trip. Most fans have already seen the team in action, but that trip has built more excitement as the season draws closer and the opening game is less than a month away.

Tonight will be the night to get the season started and continue that momentum into the Duke game on Nov. 6.

Tweets of the Day

Cal’s facial expression is all of BBN.

A classic Big Blue Madness entrance.


Big Blue Madness Guest List - Herald Leader

Here’s a list of who all is expected to be in town tonight for Big Blue Madness.

Jared Casey picks Oregon, Kentucky still in contention for other in-state targets - Herald Leader

Wandale Robinson, JJ Weaver, Milton Wright, and Shawnkel Knight-Goff are all still in play for Kentucky.

Some more insight into in-state football recruiting - Kentucky Sports Radio

Things seem to be looking good for Weaver and Knight-Goff, and Kentucky has a really solid pitch to Robinson.

Don’t expect Rick Pitino to speak to Kentucky’s team this year - Kentucky Sports Radio

Somehow North Korea was mentioned.

David Pollack says Mark Stoops is mid-season Coach of the Year - Cats Pause

Stoops would have a case.

DT commitment Cavon Butler says he is fully committed to Kentucky - Cats Pause

A top player in Ohio, Butler is still being recruited by Ohio State and Michigan State.

A look at yesterday inside the college hoops trial - Yahoo Sports

Dan Wetzel breaks down what happened in court yesterday, and there is a lot to digest. Grab your popcorn.

Nebraska HC Scott Frost accuses Oregon State of tampering - ESPN

He is blocking one of his players from transferring there after three other Nebraska players have recently transferred to Oregon State.

Izzo fires back against allegations made earlier this year - Detroit News

Izzo didn’t say much when the allegations first came out, but had a lot to say at Big Ten Media Days.

NFL trade ideas that make sense - ESPN

Tyrod Taylor to Jacksonville? Golden Tate to Tennessee? Le’Veon Bell to Washington?

Enes Kanter contains multitudes - The Ringer

A cool feature on the former Wildcat.

McGregor and Khabib suspended for post-match fight - Bleacher Report

For now, it’s temporary but a meeting later this month will be held to determine further punishment.

PAC 12 Commissioner says changes are coming following officiating controversy - Yahoo

Major changes are definitely needed.