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Tyrese Maxey encouraging other top recruits to join him at Kentucky

Kentucky commit Tyrese Maxey is using his time with the USA Basketball Junior National Team to recruit his teammates to join him at UK.

USA Basketball

John Calipari landed not only a top guard for 2019 with the commitment of Tyrese Maxey, but also a top salesman.

Tyrese has been selling UK to other uncommitted recruits in his class since he committed to the school himself. At last weekend’s USA Basketball Junior National Team minicamp, he stepped up the intensity of his recruitment pitches.

“Usually, I’d just joke with them and say something about Kentucky, but this weekend I’ll be more serious too,” Maxey told USA Today. “It’s getting down to the wire now, so I have to show them why Kentucky is the best place for them.”

Of all the prospects alongside him on Team USA that he’ll try to convince to join him in college, the 6-11 center James Wiseman is his top target.

“It’s easier when you’re trying to get the guys to come join you at Kentucky,” Maxey said. “It really sells itself because of the style of play, coach Calipari and the fans. I’m doing my part this weekend and I feel good about our chances.”

The Memphis native Wiseman recently narrowed down his top 5 colleges to Kentucky, Memphis, Kansas, Florida State and Vanderbilt. As his recruitment history shows, Calipari is a master at bringing in the best high school talent on his own. Having a top commit like Maxey selling the school as well can only help the allure of playing at UK.

Wiseman isn’t the only player in Maxey’s sights though. He’s connecting with all the best talent in his class.

“We’ve got some really good pieces,” Maxey said. “Just want a couple more.”

Kentucky fans should appreciate the effort Maxey is already putting in to make sure their 2019 team is the best it can be. Landing any of his fellow USA teammates will not only add top talent to the class, but also chemistry from experience playing together.

Plus, If there’s one way to get in Coach Cal’s good graces, making his recruiting job easier is definitely one of them.