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UK benefiting from no-call on Wenyen Gabriel holding Tyler Davis made up for a more horrific call

And was this sweet revenge for Isaac Humphries?

Georgia v Kentucky Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Kentucky barely squeaked by Texas A&M, and it was thanks in large part to what ‘could’ have been a missed call on Tyler Davis.

On the final play of the game, a hail mary pass to Davis under the UK basket could have led to a game-winning layup as time expired, but Davis was unable to haul in the high pass, and time expired.

ESPN broadcaster Jay Bilas agreed that it was a missed call, saying “that would have drawn a flag” if this were football.

Now, you could say Wenyen Gabriel was holding Davis, but was it enough to warrant a foul, especially on the final play of the game? We all complain in so many sports about referees not letting the players decide the game.

Was this an instance where it was best to let it go and not let a foul there decide the game? And was it even a real hold and not just Gabriel bodying up Davis?

And was the pass too high anyway, making it irrelevant if Gabriel was holding Davis (similar to a pass being uncatchable in football when pass interference is being committed)?

But most importantly, was this weet revenge for what transpired in College Station in 2016 against Isaac Humphries?

Or, maybe is a was a makeup call for one of the worst offensive fouls ever called in the history of mankind and the aliens in Bill Walton’s head:

You can probably answer yes to at least one of these questions. We’ll let you decide which one(s) it is.