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New proposal would allow athletes to transfer after a coaching change or postseason ban

This may be a more reasonable option than the “free agent” model that is also being discussed.

Keith Srakocic/Associated Press

The NCAA is known for digging its heels in and refusing to adapt despite changing times and often common sense. But over the last several months, one thing has become abundantly clear: there will be a change to collegiate transfer rules.

The current rule dictates that athletes must have sit out a year before resuming competition at a new institution. There are also rules in place that allow schools to block athletes from transferring to other specific programs.

But according to Dennis Dodd at CBS Sports, a new proposal that is gaining momentum would allow athletes certain exceptions to waive traditional transfer guidelines, specifically when a coaching change takes place or a postseason ban is put into place.

This new proposal was put forth by Big 12 administrators, and many believe it is a fair middle ground between the current system and another proposal that would allow any athlete one transfer without penalty, which would essentially result in college free agency.

The Big 12 is proposing that if there is a change in head coach at any program, all athletes within that program would be able to transfer without sitting for a year to any school of their choosing. The only exception is that the athletes would not be permitted to follow the former coach to his/her new institution.

The proposal would also allow athletes to transfer if a program becomes banned from participating in postseason competition. All athletes on that roster would be eligible to play at another school immediately at the beginning of the next season.

These changes seem positive and necessary. One could imagine a scenario where a program could be severely set back due to a roster turnover after a coaching change, but any rule change will result in some negative ramifications.

As long as any new proposal is focused on benefiting the athletes, it should be strongly considered. The current system certainly does not support their best interests.

How do you feel about this new proposal?