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UK Basketball: Jemarl Baker “not close” to returning

Baker would be an added boost to UK’s shooting woes.


Kentucky freshman guard Jemarl Baker hasn’t seen the court once these season, and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change in the future.

During his postgame presser after Saturday’s loss to Florida, John Calipari was asked about Jemarl and his status going forward.

“I don’t think he’s close,” said Calipari. “I haven’t seen him jump at all yet, so I don’t think he’s close.”

Another typical Cal response there, but it’s definitely not good news considering Kentucky has only hit a total of five threes over their last two games. Jemarl would be a huge help on that front, but don’t expect to see him any time soon, but Calipari isn’t worried about depth.

“I’ve got great kids. The good news right now, I’ve got a full roster,” said Calipari. “So if you are really not giving it this game, I can play somebody else.”

Still, with their continued struggles behind the three-point line becoming a major problem, Kentucky could use a shooting specialist like Baker.

In today’s basketball, there’s no chance you’re going to win a game without being able to knock down threes consistently.

If this team has any chance going forward, that needs to be a top priority in practice.