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Kentucky vs Florida ESPN 680 Postgame Podcast

Talking UK’s loss to Florida, Zion Williamson and more.

NCAA Basketball: Florida at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

I was solo for the post game show on ESPN 680. I was glad to have the opportunity to feel the pulse of the fanbase so soon after all that transpired on Saturday. Right now, we are a bummed bunch of Big Blue fans.

Here is what I discussed:

  • Kentucky beat Florida statistically but couldn’t put it together in the end
  • Kevin Knox and Hamidou Diallo have fallen off a cliff
  • Zion Williamson to Duke was a gut-punch
  • There were plenty of opportunities to win and Kentucky just didn’t get it done on the offensive end
  • The defense against Florida was actually good
  • There are times when Kentucky players looked confused as to whether or not they should get a rebound
  • Are people tired of one and done?
  • Coach Cal’s comments about “we’re fine”
  • Is there a go-to-guy on this team?

I’ll be back on the call Tuesday night vs. Mississippi State. Here is how you listen: