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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Big Blue Bummer Edition

Saturday stunk.

NCAA Basketball: Florida at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday sucked. Not only did the Kentucky Wildcats lose their second game in a row, but they also lost Zion Williamson to the Duke Blue Devils. The latter came as a total surprise to everyone, including all of the recruiting experts.

While Zion is a lost cause, hopefully the basketball team can salvage what is starting to become a disappointing season. It’s one thing to lose on the road, but to lose at home to a Florida Gators team that shot only 20% from three and 33% from the field is inexcusable.

Tweet of the Day

Pardon the language, but this is what we were all thinking when it happened.




Kentucky missed 18 straight jump shots last night | Lexington Herald Leader- The crazier stat is that UK still shot 40% for the game because of how they completely controlled the paint. It has to be driving Calipari crazy whenever they revert back to jump shooting.

Cal says everything is fine, but is it? | SEC Country- A surprisingly upbeat John Calipari took to the post game press conference with a message, “I was worried after South Carolina, now. I’m not worried after this. We’ll be fine.” His rationale? All the mistakes he saw last night are fixable and he loved the way the Cats defended.

No Zion. What now? | Courier-Journal- Losing Zion Williamson was to be expected but losing him to Duke hurt. Bad. So with a 2018 recruiting class full of guards, where does John Calipari go for a couple of big bodies? Right now it seems like it’s a wait and see scenario.

Cal plays it cool as 30 game home winning streak is snapped | WDRB- Other than shooting, Kentucky is lacking a go-to guy. Nobody has stepped up to be the man when the Cats need a bucket and that’s worrisome.

Deep tourney run could be a year away for UK | CBS- I think this is right on. With the class coming in and the players that Kentucky should return, next season could be a special on in Lexington. I’m not writing this one off yet, but it’s a rarity that a Cal team drops two in a row.

NFC/AFC Championship game predictions | ESPN- The smart guys at ESPN are picking a New England Patriots vs. the Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl.

Tom Brady arrives at stadium with his thumb hidden | Sporting News- Tom Brady injured his hand at practice this week and the NFL world freaked out. One because nobody knows an details, and two, because the prospect of Brian Hoyer starting a playoff game in New England seems like a disaster waiting to happen.