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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: Zion Williamson finalizes decision time and TV channel

This is not good news for Kentucky.

Duke Countdown To Craziness Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Zion Williamson has made a slight change to his decision time, but it could be big news for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Instead of making his announcement on ESPN right before Kentucky hosts Florida, Zion is now set to make his decision at 8:15 pm EST on ESPN2, according to KSR’s Tyler Thompson.

The fact that Zion is now set to make his decision as Kentucky is tipping off against Florida does not bode well for the Cats. Recruits rarely, if ever make a decision to pick a school while said school is playing a game.

That’s why this is news is probably good for schools like Clemson, South Carolina and North Carolina, all of whom play earlier Saturday before Zion makes his announcement.

Admittedly, I thought Zion making his decision right before Kentucky’s game was a great sign for the Cats, not to mention one of the few things they seemed to have going for them before he decided.

Clemson has been the school getting all of the buzz, but the fact that he was tentatively set to decide on the same channel Kentucky was going to play on right after his decision seemed like great news for the Cats.

Now, it feels like Kentucky has very little going for it when Zion makes the call, which I expect to be in favor of the Tigers.

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