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DeMarcus Cousins comments on future of John Calipari

Boogie had some interesting thoughts on John Calipari and finishing his career at UK vs. trying his hand at the NBA again.

137th Kentucky Derby - Arrivals Photo by Joey Foley/FilmMagic

It appears Jeff Goodman took a break from reporting on every detail of the Ball family and came back stateside. He actually caught up with former UK star DeMarcus Cousins and tweeted this out:

The thought of John Calipari coaching in the NBA is one that a great deal of people have floated out there in years past. It seems to be one of those rumors that will be true someday, so people keep reporting and speculating about it. Cousins went on to add this.

It is no secret that Cousins and many former Kentucky Wildcats hold Calipari in high esteem. They always feel welcomed back in Lexington, and he does everything that he can to help guys get to the league.

Having said that, Calipari should stay at Kentucky. College coaches enjoy a great deal of power, and in the NBA, coaches don’t have much. Ask David Fizdale or any other coach that has clashed with star players.

Calipari had a short stint in the NBA at the same time that Rick Pitino went to the Celtics. He coached the New Jersey Nets for two full seasons before being fired 20 games into his third season as his team started 3-17. He helped the team get to the playoffs in his second season.

A great deal of success in the NBA is about picking the right situation, and if Calipari really wants to get into the NBA, he will have time to pursue it, though it looks very likely he finishes his coaching career in Lexington.