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NBA Rumors: Julius Randle and the Lakers aren’t built to last

The Lakers appear ready to move Julius Randle.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA trade deadline approaching, on February 8th, most fans are wondering what moves their team will make.

Will they make a move to sign a franchise player, will they get rid of bad contracts left over from a previous GM, or will they get that key role player to make the difference in their championship run. In the case of UK fans, we just want to see our alumni in the NBA happy and doing what they love. That ideal situation is not the one that Julius Randle has being enduring with the Lakers over this past year.

Randle has voiced many frustrations with the franchise, and the franchise has voiced concerns back. The NY Daily News’ Frank Isola reports there are a few of his Laker teammates that are frustrated in Randle’s play.

“According to one league source, one topic discussed is that some Lakers have been frustrated by the play of Julius Randle, who has been the subject of trade reports for nearly a year now.”

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski wrote this in a recent column:

“The Lakers have made it clear that [Jordan] Clarkson, Julius Randle, and Larry Nance are available.”

The news about Randle being shopped around came with no surprise because of this being a contract year for him, and with multiple sources showing that the Lakers have no intention of paying him it can be assumed he’ll be moved before the deadline. Randle lost his starting role on the team at the beginning of the season, but lately he has taken back his role to add value to his trade stock.

Teams needed to see what Randle could do for them and why the Lakers would want to walk away from a player if he can play well. Even with the minute decrease and a career low in shots taken per game he is averaging career highs in points, field goal percentage, blocks, and free throw attempts.

The rumor is that the Lakers are intending on signing multiple all-star free agents over the summer. To get these players they will need to offer up multiple max deals, and with Randle not hiding his financial desires from the team they know they need to let him go. With the high caliber play of 2nd round pick, Kyle Kuzma, the Lakers have made Clarkson and Nance available as well.

Adding a player like Nance, who is still on his small rookie contract, to Randle will also make the trade more desirable to teams. The Lakers will be looking for picks or low contract players in return.

NBA teams know that Randle is on the table, and that the Lakers will end up taking the highest offer sent to them. This news gives certainty to Randle and fans that he should end up in a better situation than the current dilemma he’s facing.

Randle is a solid player who can attack the basket and play hard on the boards for you. He may never be an all-star caliber talent, but he can be a key player on a playoff bound team. Hopefully he gets the chance to prove that soon.