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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: Tyler Herro erupts; Zion Williamson talks decision

Kentucky got one special player in Tyler Herro. Zion Williamson says he’ll make his decision in the coming days.

USA Basketball and USA Today Sports

Tyler Herro continues to have an outstanding senior season.

A knee injury led to Herro missing two weeks of action, but this past week, the UK signee returned with a vengeance. It began with a 38-point outing in Whitnall’s 70-54 win over Shorewood on Friday.

Herro followed that up with a 42-point outburst in a 74-59 victory over Elkhorn on Saturday. That’s 80 points over a two-game span, which would be an amazing feat for any player at any level.

But for Herro, it’s more of the same thing we’ve seen all season.

If you saw the newest rankings from Rivals, you’d know Herro came in ranked 35th overall in them. If there are 34 players better than Herro, 2018 must be the deepest recruiting class of all time.

Here are some highlights of Herro’s outing against Elkhorn, courtesy of 247 Sports:

Elsewhere, Zion Williamson returned to action after missing several months of action due to a foot injury. He too returned with a vengeance, scoring 36 points in Spartanburg Day’s loss to Chino Hills on Saturday.

After the game, Zion spoke with 247 Sports about the impending decision on January 20th, which happens to be his mom’s birthday.

But despite all of the momentum being in favor of the Clemson Tigers right now, Zion said he won’t make a final decision until later this week.

“Not really,” said Zion when asked if he had made his final decision. “I’ll probably make it in the middle of this week coming up”.

Zion also said he doesn’t feel any pressure to stay close to home and play for Clemson.

“I don’t really feel pressure with that,” said Zion. “I can’t just go to a school to be a local hero, I have to go to the school that is best for me. If I don’t go to an in-state school, if they are real supporters they will support me wherever I go.”

That would all seem to be good news for UK, though it still looks like Clemson is in the driver’s seat heading into Saturday. Perhaps John Calipari can squeeze in one more visit with Zion before he makes his decision.

While UK doesn’t appear to be in a good spot, we’ve seen bleaker recruitments go in favor of Calipari.

Don’t count on UK being the pick, but don’t count them out either.

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