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Kentucky Basketball: Don’t Let The Haters Steal Your Joy

The best of the salty tweets.

Calipari retracts his horns and barbed tail when he goes before the media.
Calipari retracts his horns and barbed tail when he goes before the media.

There are some officially #madonline people in the “impartial” mainstream sports media.

The blowhards that have declared that the Kentucky Wildcats just do not have what it takes to make a run in the NCAA Tournament and that John Calipari’s recruiting had FINALLY caught up to him are having a rough time right now.

Over the opening rounds of the tourney we saw some of the biggest and best upsets in tournament history. And the team that benefited the most from the upsets is Kentucky.

In the South Region, the Wildcats were set to take on the #4 Arizona Wildcats and the #1 Virginia Cavaliers in the round of 32 and the Sweet 16, but a funny thing happened: they both lost.

On the bottom side of the South, #3 Tennessee Volunteers lost in the round of 32 and so did the #2 Cincinnati Bearcats. The Elite Eight opened up.

Out West things got even better. The #1 Xavier Musketeers lost, the #2 North Carolina Tar Heels lost. Oh my.

So here is what is left for Kentucky to reach the title game:


#5 Kentucky

#9 Kansas State Wildcats

#11 Loyola Chicago Ramblers

#7 Nevada Wolf Pack


#9 Florida State Seminoles

#4 Gonzaga Bulldogs

#3 Michigan Wolverines

#7 Texas A&M Aggies

As a Kentucky fan, I’ve watched my team have to battle through chalk to get to a Final Four. Never in my life as the bracket ever busted like it usually does for the Duke Bluedevils or the Tar Heels.

But finally, it happened.

As we celebrate our grand luck, the haters in the National Media aren’t happy. They’re downright mad. Just take a look at some of these buffoons bloviate on twitter:

So here is what’s happening: instead of crushing Sean Miller, Chris Mack, Tony Bennett, Roy Williams, Mick Cronin, Tom Izzo, or any other coach that lost to a significantly lower seed, these guys are mad at John Calipari.

But that’s how this works, folks. It’s the way it’s worked since Calipari took the job. Now all we can do is sit back, laugh, and enjoy the ride as once again John Calipari is making them all look stupid.