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Bracketology Roundup: How high can Kentucky Wildcats go?

Rounding up the latest projections now that March is here.

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Alright, it’s the time we’ve all been waiting for. March Madness is here!

It’s been a long and eventful season of college basketball. As we’re nearing the last regular season game, Joe Lunardi has officially updated his bracket and it’s looking more and more like the real thing.

From his latest update, the Kentucky Wildcats currently stand at a 5 seed with a matchup against Middle Tennessee. They’re in the South division with Virginia being the 1 seed, Purdue at the 2, Tennessee at the 3, and West Virginia at the 4.

Here’s how it would shape up:

USA Today has it shaping up nearly the same way that Lunardi has it. They have Kentucky as a 5 seed right now playing Louisiana in the first round. They’re in the south division and the 1 seed is Virginia, the 2 seed is Michigan State, the 3 seed is Auburn and the 4 seed is Texas Tech.

Here’s how this would play out:

CBS Sports Jerry Palm also has Kentucky at the 5 seed playing New Mexico St. in the first round, but instead of the South region he has them in the East. The teams in that side of the bracket are; 1 Villanova, 2 Duke, 3 West Virginia, and 4 Ohio State.

Here’s how this one would shape up:

The Bracket Matrix has Kentucky as the second 5-seed from their projections, with some projections ranking Kentucky as high as a 3-seed. It’s becoming clear that Kentucky needs to win out just to lock up a 4 seed, though a 3 seed isn’t out of the question if some other teams lose.

While all of these are plausible, if Kentucky manages to get a win at Florida and make a deep run in SEC tourney, I fully expect them to be a 4 seed and maybe even as high as a 3 seed. This is all dependent on how things turn out for the rest of the teams in the field.

Buckle up BBN, it’s going to be a crazy March!