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Mark Stoops replacing Stephen Johnson with Drew Barker goes disastrous; Twitter reactions

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Mark Stoops was strongly criticized for his awful decision to replace Stephen Johnson with Drew Barker.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

That call on Lynn Bowden was simply awful, but Mark Stoops did his best to make a worse call vs. EKU.

Stoops did so by sending Drew Barker in at quarterback early in the second quarter. He made this decision with Stephen Johnson actually being one of, if not the only bright spot for the Cats. Johnson completed seven of his first nine passes for 30 yards while running for 23 yards on just two carries.

But for some reason, Stoops felt Barker needed to come in with UK trailing 7-3. Shockingly, Barker wasn’t exactly on point in his first game action since Week 3 of the 2016 season.

In three plays, the offense gained one yard, and Barker took a sack on 3rd down before UK punted back to EKU, who proceeded to go right down the field and take a 14-3 lead.

Stoops didn’t think Barker got enough of a chance, so he sent Barker in for the next series. UK went three and out again as Barker again took a sack on 3rd down.

Oh, and once Johnson came back in, he led UK on a touchdown drive, ending with a 23-yard score to C.J. Conrad.