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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: Where UK stands with remaining recruits

Cross Cam Reddish off the list and look at where Kentucky stands now.

High School Basketball: Zion Williamson Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Cameron Reddish’s commitment to Duke has dwindled the list of 2018 recruits interested in Kentucky down to about nine players.

Those nine players were recently ranked in order of their likelihood to commit to Kentucky by Ben Roberts of the Lexington Herald-Leader, after he spoke to people surrounding these players’ recruitments.

4. R.J. Barrett

3. Zion Williamson

2. Simi Shittu

1. Immanuel Quickley

There’s not much change in this list, as compared to what it was like before Reddish’s commitment, as he wasn’t expected to pick Kentucky. It’s interesting that Simi Shittu continues to be so high on these lists, being that he doesn’t even have a formal scholarship offer right now. It does seem like one is coming in the near future, possibly when he visits Kentucky sometime this fall.

The cutoff between “not likely to commit” and “likely to commit,” is around the No. 3-4 mark. Williamson, Shittu and Quickley are all trending Kentucky, while Barrett’s recruitment seems full of “uncertainty.” Johnson was trending hard to Kentucky after receiving an offer, but has fallen back down the list after his visit to Texas.

Roberts’ projection is that Calipari’s 2018 class won’t be all that deep (John Calipari might be banking on the top three on this list all signing), but will be aided by returning players from this season.

With several talented players likely to return from this season’s team, Calipari’s 2018 class probably won’t be deeper than four or five players. Fans who follow recruiting know how quickly things can change, but here’s guessing UK ends up with Quickley, Shittu and one of either Williamson, Barrett or Johnson (we’re leaning toward Williamson at the moment).

You can read the rest of the story here, with information on each recruit’s current situation.

If Kentucky is able to add, let’s say three players, to their 2018 class, who you hope they end up being?

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