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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting Update and Predictions by ESPN

ESPN makes predictions on where several UK targets end up.


The recruiting wars are in full swing right now. With the Kentucky Wildcats having just one commitment currently, that’s set the table for a wild two months leading up to the early signing period.

With several big-time recruits taking key visits this weekend, ESPN did an update on current Kentucky targets for the class, as well as predictions as to where they’ll land.

Bol Bol

As Bol visits Oregon this weekend, a lot of experts are expecting him to choose his school very soon. Here's how ESPN thinks Bol's recruitment is shaping up, as of now:

Prediction: Arizona

Confidence level: 35 percent

Others in the mix: USC, UCLA, Kentucky, Oregon

Even though Bol still has multiple schools to visit, including Kentucky, most experts have him going to Arizona. Getting later into the recruitment process, these visits are going to be vital when Bol finally decides. However, I wouldn’t keep my fingers crossed if you’re a Cats fan, most boards have Kentucky at a very low possibility of landing the 7’2 big man.

Keldon Johnson

Being the #7 recruit in the country means that you can basically choose whatever school you want. Keldon has a visit scheduled this weekend with Maryland to check out the campus, but ESPN doesn’t think the Turps the best chance to land him. Here’s how they have it:

Prediction: Texas

Confidence level: 40 percent

Others in the mix: Kentucky, NC State, Maryland

Don’t be surprised if Kentucky lands the 5 star recruit out of Virginia. Being a 6’5 shooting guard would make the Wildcats backcourt nearly unstoppable. With the ability to shoot and drive, Johnson will be a very valuable asset to the team. With that being said, it looks like Texas has the best shot of landing him, for now.

Zion Williamson

Arguably the most popular recruit in the country, Zion is set to visit the Jayhawks this weekend. This is a very interesting visit, as Kansas is now starting to get pulled into the rumors of the FBI investigation. Nothing’s confirmed yet, but there’s a lot of talk going on. There could be some potential fireworks in Kansas this weekend, until then, here’s what ESPN thinks.

Prediction: Kentucky

Confidence level: 45 percent

Others in the mix: Clemson, Duke, Kansas, South Carolina, UCLA

I firmly believe that Kentucky is the clear favorite for Zion Williamson. Put everything else aside, this just makes the most sense. For a guy like Zion with all the popularity and press covering him, he needs to be at a school that handles it better than anyone else - Kentucky. Not to mention, Immanuel is someone Zion has said multiple times that he wants to play with. With that being said, Kansas has made a strong push these past few weeks, spicing things up as we head into the most crucial months of recruitment

R.J. Barrett

It looks like Barrett’s recruitment is winding down. He’s already visited his top three - Duke, Kentucky, and Oregon, so there’s nothing else for him to do but choose a school. Here’s how ESPN has it playing out:

Prediction: Duke

Confidence level: 55 percent

Others in the mix: Kentucky, Oregon, Arizona

Don’t be too nervous BBN, even though Duke looks to be the favorite for Barrett, Kentucky is still very much in the running. It’s hard to gauge Barrett’s interest, neither he or his father have talked much about it. With Kentucky getting his first visit, we’ve heard nothing but positive things from his side about the Cats. In reality, this is a two man race between Kentucky and Duke. Luckily, we should be getting a decision soon from the number one recruit in the country.

These next few weeks could be really good for Kentucky, or really bad. If they come out of with no commits, the 2018-2019 season will start to look thin, but I don’t expect that to happen. Cal will do what he always does, get the right players. After the week College Basketball just had, expect these guys to have that in the back of their mind when they’re choosing schools.