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Remember Kenny Johnson bragging about Louisville Basketball getting Brian Bowen?

Kenny Johnson took a jab at John Calipari in the process. That came back to bite him.

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The recruitment of Brian Bowen was one of the strangest in recent memory.

After it looked like Michigan State, Oregon and other schools were favored at various points in his recruitment, Louisville came out of nowhere to land Bowen.

It came as a major surprise to see a school that hadn’t even recruited Bowen for the last year leading up to his decision, but now, it doesn’t look so weird.

After the commitment of (the now-suspended) Bowen, Louisville head recruiter Kenny Johnson got a bit confident when speaking how he and Rick Pitino landed such the highly-touted 5-star recruit.

When describing the commitment, Johnson made some comments that now seem quite laughable.

...we stay a little bit more focused on developing as opposed to... I think some programs are better going out and trying to uh... recruit in new players...

...he (Rick Pitino) spends his time each day developing these guys and working with them, you know through individual training, and practice, and that’s where he’s at... you know he’s not necessarily flying around the country chasing after the next guy and I think the fact that he (Brian Bowen) knew that he would have somebody, you know, more invested in him than anywhere else he could be and that really attracted him.

Some perceived that as a shot at John Calipari’s strategy to get the best talent, let them leave and use the NBA Draft to recruit (who wants to be next, am I right?). But the irony of this quote is now truly laughable.

“...more invested in him than anywhere else could be and that really attracted him.”

Yeah, he invested alright. Or rather, Adidas did. Either way, I’m going to be laughing about this quote all year long.

Johnson still has a job, for now. As the details in this investigation continue to emerge, there’s a chance he won’t have one for long.