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Social media reactions to Rick Pitino fired by Louisville Cardinals; former Kentucky Wildcats weigh in

Rick Pitino was once a beloved figure in Lexington, and then in Louisville.

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Yesterday shook the College Basketball world forever. With the news breaking on Tuesday that the FBI was investigating several schools (one of them being Louisville) for fraud, multiple influencers within College Basketball gave their thoughts on the scandal. This includes a lot of former Cats players who looked to Rick as a role model. Here are some of the reactions from former Cats guys, reported by the Courier Journal:

Cameron Mills

"I can’t speak for all my teammates, but it doesn’t change who he is to me. What I started to think about is I don’t have half the career I wound up having if not for the fact that he treated me the same way he treated Tony Delk and Derek Anderson and Ron Mercer."

Antoine Walker

“It’s sad to see him have to lose his job this way, but it’s a mistake and it’s a huge mistake. It’s an unfortunate situation, but his legacy and him being a Hall of Famer, what he’s done on the court, is still second to none. We can’t let that overshadow it.”

Obviously, both of these guys have a lot of respect for Rick, and no one should fault them for that. They spent a lot of time with Pitino, and it makes sense for them to have that personal connection with him like they do.

Here are some more reactions from across the country in regards to the Rick Pitino firing:

Dickie V gets in on the action! Immediately mentions how excited BBN must be after the news broke.

Even though Rex didn’t play for Rick, it looks like there has always been mutual respect between the two. One of the Kentucky greats gives his sympathy for everyone involved, including the state as a whole.

This is purely a sign of respect here from Anthony. He understands what Coach Pitino did for him, but, understands that the situation at UofL has no impact on him, so it doesn’t seem like he’s too worried about it.

Here’s a video of Billy Donovan explaining his feelings towards the whole situation. Knowing Rick and Billy’s past, this has to be hard on him.

Here’s the press release from Louisville and a statement from Rick Pitino’s lawyer. As you can see, they differ a little bit with the tone.

There are definitely a lot of people who were sensitive to the situation, but it’s safe to say that most made light of it. We decided to show you some of those too!

The sarcasm here is unmatched. Patrick obviously has no sympathy for his arch rival!


Assistant coach Rick Pitino has a nice ring to it.

Or ESPN2 analyst Rick Pitino.

This meme is an all time classic, and it fits perfectly with the situation.

If there’s one thing to say about BBN, they’ve got a crazy sense of humor!

Porcini jumped in on the fun.

The BBN is relaxing in Tent City while this all unfolds.

It was definitely one of the most eventful days in College Basketball that we’ve seen in a long time. Truthfully, I think most UK fans were so happy because of the multiple accounts of fans saying things like “it’s only a matter of time until Cal gets caught”. Oh irony, such a beautiful thing.

Look, all jokes aside, this could just be the tip of the iceberg. There’s no telling how deeply routed this whole scheme is, and we have no idea who is involved. Knowing this, I’m worried for College Basketball. After listening to the New York Federal Court’s press conference on Tuesday, the speaker made it very clear that there is still a lot more investigating to be done. We can make fun all we want, but things are looking very dim for the game we all love and cheer for.

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