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SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey releases statement on college basketball scandal

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This scandal is rocking the world of college basketball.

NCAA Womens Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament-South Carolina vs Mississippi State Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Make no mistake about it: This has been a very bad week for college basketball.

While schools like Louisville are getting the brunt of the punishment, the FBI’s investigation into college hoops corruption is a major black eye on the sport we all love. It’s also opened up Pandora’s Box, which could see other schools hit hard to the same degree as Louisville has been.

In light of these recent events, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey released a statement on the investigation.

“The allegations announced by federal authorities on Tuesday are disturbing and, if true, reveal alarming activities within the sport of basketball. The depth of the problem remains to be seen but clearly there is indication of behavior that must be corrected for the health of basketball and the integrity of college athletics.

“The alleged activities are detrimental to the sport, are unfair to the many individuals who do it the right way and undermine the trust of the fans who support their programs. I find encouragement, however, in the federal government’s willingness to utilize the powerful tools at its unique disposal to hold responsible parties accountable.”

Unfortunately for Sankey, his conference is part of this investigation. Auburn Tigers assistant coach Chuck Person was among the coaches arrested Tuesday in connection to the corruption. While he’s just one assistant at an SEC school, it’s still a really bad look, especially when the head coach of said program is Bruce Pearl, who’s already been in trouble for recruiting violations.

Hopefully, Person is the only person from an SEC school involved in the scandal, though I seriously doubt that’s the case.