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FBI Now Targeting Nike EYBL in College Basketball Investigation

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The Nike EYBL is officially apart of the FBI’s investigation.

FloSports: FloHoops Nike EYBL Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

AAU basketball, ethically speaking, is a mess. We all know it. And now the FBI knows it. After investigating agent Andy Miller of ASM Sports, the FBI is targeting the Nike EYBL.

Employees of Nike’s EYBL grassroots division have been subpoenaed, as have documents, by the FBI, according to Darren Heitner on Twitter.

Nike is the biggest name in apparel in Division I college basketball, and their EYBL circuit is widely regarded as the most popular AAU circuit. This could unveil an even bigger mess (actually it almost certainly will).

After Adidas’ involvement with the FBI’s original findings, the Adidas Uprising and Under Armour’s competitions will likely be investigated as well.

This is especially troubling for Arizona, Southern California and Oklahoma State, the three schools in the FBI’s probe that are sponsored by Nike. It will be interesting to see if any former/current Kentucky recruits are involved.

Louisville is already going through the ringer, but they probably won’t be the only school firing everyone by the end of this.

Deep breaths guys, it’s far from over.