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Tom Jurich and Rick Pitino likely being fired by Louisville Cardinals

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Tom Jurich is out.

Cleveland State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It looks like a full housecleaning is coming for the Louisville Cardinals.

in addition to head basketball coach Rick Pitino, athletics director Tom Jurich is firmly on the hot seat following Tuesday’s reverlations about his program. According to multiple media reports, Jurich is likely being relieved of his duties today.

It looks like Jurch may have actually been fired for refusing to fire Pitino:

Like them or hate them, Pitino and Jurich have been one of the most powerful head coach/AD tandems in college sports. Pitino is a hall of fame head coach, while Jurich has taken Louisville, which was once cellar-dwelling school in most of their athletics programs, and built them up to where nearly every sports team has had major success.

But with all of the transgressions that have taken place under their watch, letting them remain employed at Louisville just can’t be allowed to happen. If this is the end, it’s an unfortunate ending, but it’s one they’ve gone out of their way to earn.