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Rick Pitino fired as head coach of Louisville Cardinals Basketball

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Rick Pitino also apparently tried to leave for the NBA.

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UPDATE: The official word from Louisville Interim President Greg Postel is that both Pitino and Jurich are on administrative leave (Pitino’s is unpaid). This is likely due to the fact that Pitino’s contract requires him 10-day notice of his firing, and Jurich’s requires 30 days. Postel made it clear that Louisville is in fact cleaning house.

The Louisville Cardinals have placed head coach Rick Pitino on unpaid administrative leave, and placed athletic director Tom Jurich on paid administrative leave, likely due to requirement of notice for firing either of them.

According to WAVE reporter Kent Taylor, Pitino and Jurich were both fired after Jurich refused to fire Pitino.

It also looks like Pitino tried to leave for the NBA, but that was unsuccessful.

Pitino’s administrative leave in light of the FBI investigation on the criminal influence of money in college basketball involving Adidas and multiple schools, including Louisville, USC, Arizona, Auburn and Oklahoma State.

Jurich has been put on leave as well in connection with the scandal. He’s been one of the most scrutinized characters in college athletics, as the Louisville AD has continually defended Pitino and football head coach Bobby Petrino throughout numerous scandals between the two; never truly threatening their job security.

Louisville’s involvement in the scandal involves an alleged payment of $100,000 to 5-star wing Brian Bowen’s family. Adidas executive Jim Gatto is allegedly tied to that situation.

This is likely the last of many scandals that Pitino has gone through at Louisville. The former UK head coach has gone through an affair scandal, extortion, and a prostitution scandal for which the university is still under investigation. Despite the fact that Louisville’s administration came to the defense of Pitino in the prostitution scandal, they’ve changed their actions now that the FBI is involved in this one.

Tuesday, Louisville radio host Terry Meiners said that Rick Pitino had texted him saying “I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

During his time at Louisville, Pitino posted a 416-141 record. He went to the Final Four three times and won a National Championship (that may or may not be vacated) in 2013.

This isn’t the first shoe to drop (pun intended) in this case; suspensions have been handed down for multiple assistant coaches involved. We’ll have more coverage as more information comes out.