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Kentucky Football Practice Report: Moving on from Florida loss

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Stephen Johnson, Eddie Gran and others speak on the success against Florida and a good Tuesday practice.

NCAA Football: Florida at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

In the post-practice comments today, Kentucky made two things clear: the offense had success against Florida, and the Cats are determined to make up for the loss.

“Everybody’s still a little upset from Florida, but we’ve moved on,” quarterback Stephen Johnson said after practice.

Johnson and Charles Walker agreed that this was one of the best Tuesday practices of the year.

Offensive Coordinator Eddie Gran added onto the praise.

“Great practice. It was awesome to get back on the field,” Gran said.

Gran was complimentary of his offense’s performance against Florida, saying that one of every six plays was an explosive play. He also praised Charles Walker, saying “it’s nice to see him get opportunities” in result of his hard work.

And when it comes to the two-minute drill, Gran said he was excited and liked how his team responded to the opportunity. “Those guys didn’t flinch,” he said.

And as for his unit’s improvement Gran said it’s on the players to control their own improvement. “It’s their team,” he said.

The staff also praised C.J. Conrad, as Vince Marrow said that Conrad almost always makes the play when he is targeted, and can do everything you ask for at tight end.

Conrad had two catches for 34 yards and a touchdown against Florida.

Special teams legend Charles Moushey, the player who downed the punt at the 1 yard line, also spoke today, saying he asked for a chance and they gave it to him. Moushey, who wants to join the Navy if he doesn’t make the NFL, played football and ran track in high school.

Moushey also had a tackle against Florida.

The run game was successful as well on Saturday, as Benny Snell and Sihiem King combined for 123 yards. Even with that success, King wants to be better.

"I'm a smaller back, so I really gotta be perfect." Sihiem King said. He talked about being a better receiving back to round out his game as a smaller player. As for Snell, he was happy to see what King did last week.

“That’s what I’ve been waiting on,” Snell said of his teammate’s performance as he smiled.

Another freshman star on Saturday was Lynn Bowden, who worked in the Wildcat and even threw (and completed) a pass as Gran pulled some trickery.

Bowden wouldn’t say whether or not he’ll be apart of more trick plays or have an increased role in the Wildcat. “I just do what the team needs,” Bowden said.

Bowden had two carries for 13 yards, and completed a pass for 24 yards.