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Kentucky Football: Mark Stoops has a fix for that pesky uncovered receiver problem

Stoops is taking all the steps necessary to assure that everyone is covered.

NCAA Football: Florida at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes down to it, the entirety of Kentucky’s loss to Florida was because of a rather embarrassing fact: Kentucky completely forgot about one of Florida’s 11 players. Twice.

Despite the embarrassing fact that Kentucky left two receivers uncovered and gave up a touchdown on both occasions, head coach Mark Stoops still did the right thing by taking full blame afterwards.

“That’s on me,” Stoops said. “I can’t believe it happened, but it did and I take responsibility for that. So, that cannot happen. We have plenty of people that can watch and look for things.”

Stoops even declined the opportunity to make it an issue that falls on the shoulders of the entire staff, and maintained that he takes full blame.

And now, Stoops has offered a solution to the problem.

“I’ll have two people watching the edges, the perimeter of the field, and if we’re not in position, somebody better he hitting me over the head and I need to call a timeout,” Stoops said. “I try to manage the game as best I can.”

So two people watching the receivers, one guy ready to assault Stoops if they’re not in position, and Stoops himself managing the game. I’d say four sets of eyes should do the trick. Here’s to hoping it never happens again.