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Social media reactions from Kentucky Wildcats’ gut-wrenching loss to Florida Gators

Former and current Cats remain upbeat and excited about what the rest of the season holds.

NCAA Football: Florida at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

With a heartbreaking loss on Saturday against the Gators, current and former Cats weighed in on Twitter to show support for this program.

After the kind of game Charles had, it must’ve been hard for him to not see that field goal go through. Good to see his commitment to this team and BBN!

Even former Cats were hurting after that one. If BBN means anything, it means that we’re all a family, and when the family loses it hurts everyone.

Courtney Love has stepped up big time in Jordan Jones absence, taking on a bigger role within the defense. It’s good to see the “let’s go to work mentality” with him.

We can all relate, Dorian.

Sometimes we forget how much work these guys put in to be great. If all of us can relate to anything, it’s that our moms make everything better.

A consistent trend with all of the players is going back to work, and that doesn’t change with Matt. He made it clear here that he’s ready for the rest of the season.

Great tweet from Benny here. It’s 100% accurate, the only way for the Cats to improve is to forget about Florida and focus on getting better.

Kendall and Mike making sure that everyone knows this is still one of the best secondary’s in the country.

It looks like the team in general understands how tragic this loss was, and how much it hurt BBN. Each player made sure they thanked BBN for coming out, showing appreciation to all the fans. The best thing we see from these tweets is the consistent message of going back to work. The only way everyone will get over this loss is if these guys get back to grinding. Based on their comments after the game, it looks like that’s exactly what they plan on doing.