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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: 31 in a Row Edition

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Coaching and mistakes doom the ‘Cats, Zion Williamson cancels again, Carmelo Anthony on the move, Trump vs. the NFL and more.

Florida v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

I’ve witnessed many heartbreaking Kentucky Wildcats football losses. We all have. But what happened last night at Kroger Field was the worst I’ve ever experienced. The scene was electric all day and it seemed that this team was primed to end a 30 year losing streak to the Florida Gators.

But in true Kentucky football fashion, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. It was classic the way in which they lost. In a strange way it was almost a work of art. Twice the defense broke down and left a wide receiver uncovered and two different Gator QBs threw touchdown passes.

The last Florida drive was death by a thousand cuts as they marched methodically down the field and then scored the go-ahead touchdown to make it 28-27, the ‘Cats blowing a 13 point lead.

And then, with time winding down, Stephen Johnson and Charles Walker got the ‘Cats in field goal position. The next play was a 12 yard run by Benny Snell that made the field goal easy for Austin MacGinnis.

Then there was a flag. Holding on Nick Haynes. Big play by Snell wiped away. MacGinnis missed a 57 yard field goal by mere yards.

And today it’s the same as it ever way.

Tweet of the Day


Coaching Let Down Players | Lexington Herald Leader- Two blown coverage touchdowns. Bad clock management. Chaos on defense. Self inflicted wounds. Conservative playcalling with the lead. This one is on the coaches. Big Time.

Mark Stoops Postgame Press Conference | Lexington Herald Leader- Stoops took ownership of the loss. I’ve never seen a more heartbroken coach after a game.

Grading the UK Loss to Florida | Courier-Journal- It’s not easy to see right now but there were some good things that happened on the field for the Wildcats last night. The Lynn Bowden wrinkle in the WIldcat and Siheim King’s performance were two bright spots.

BS Call Dooms the ‘Cats | KSR- Nick Haynes thought the holding call that wiped away a 12 yard Benny Snell gain was BS. Haynes clearly held, but holding can be called on every position of a football game. For the ref to throw the flag in that game, on that field, in that situation was truly something.

Post-snap Read | WDRB- Eric Crawford dissects the collapse. The highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows is all documented.

Zion Williamson Cancels Visit | Cats Pause- The weekend was set up to cater to Williamson. One of his best friend’s, Immauel Quickley, commits, there was a huge football game, and John Wall was in town. But a family issue forced the electric forward to stay home.

Clemson Emerging in Williamson’s Recruitment | Charlotte Observer- Kentucky’s biggest threat going forward may not be Kansas or Duke. It may be Clemson. Zion, talk to Malik Newman, Ben Simmons, or Markelle Fultz. Don’t make the same mistake.

Carmelo Anthony Leaves New York with a Complicated Legacy | ESPN- Anthony was finally traded out of NYC to the Thunder to join Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Anthony had a tenuous relationship with the Knicks that finally came to an end. Former ‘Cat Enes Kanter was part of the deal and is now a Knick.

Projecting the Top 25 | SEC Country - Kentucky would have been in the top 25 with a different result last night. **sigh**

Start ‘em and Sit ‘em | CBS- My opponent had Todd Gurly so I’m not sure I even want to set my line up today. I’m too depressed.

The NFL Responds to President Trump | The Ringer- President Trump suggested that NFL players should be fired for kneeling in protest during the National Anthem. Roger Goodell, the head of the Players Union, and NFL owners responded.

What SEC Fan Bases are Saying in One Sentence | The Sporting News- “When will we ever beat the Gaotrs”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Wraps Up Postproduction | The Hollywood Reporter- The latest installment of the Star Wars series will hit theaters on December 19th. I needed something positive this morning.

Solving the Easter Island Population Problem | Science Daily- Despite the island’s isolation, the small population constructed some of the world’s best known stone carvings. How and what happened to the people that built them?